Get Your Fleet’s Glass Back Up to Speed – Night and Day

Fleet owners know their vehicle glass needs to be maintained to protect the safety of their drivers, and maintain the appearance of their brand. But for every car that’s in the shop – it’s out of commission. Nobody has resources like that to squander, that’s why the auto glass experts at Adam’s Glass AZ are ready to come directly to your fleet to make repairs, with after hours and same-day appointments available. 

If you want to maintain the auto glass throughout your fleet, we’re the clear choice, with ten years of service on thousands of cars throughout the state of Arizona. We offer affordable, quality glass repair and replacement services whenever you need it.

Why Maintain Auto Glass In Your Fleet?

Ordering glass inspection throughout your fleet allows us to find where there may be hidden chips or cracks in auto glass – which is not the fault of your drivers, but simply one of the many hazards of driving on public roads. Fixing glass chips and small cracks is a fast and inexpensive process, and can be done entirely on your job site.

However, if left unattended these small chips and cracks can grow into larger splits and spider webs that impair vision or can even shatter the entire glass. This is especially true in Arizona due to high temperature fluctuations between the burning hot desert sun and chilly desert nights.

Your driver’s safety is also of primary importance. If their vision is impaired, they’re more likely to make mistakes on the road, or not see obstacles which are otherwise easily avoidable.

How Much Do Customers Notice the Fleet?

Branding is an essential part of marketing, and every time a potential customer looks at your fleet, they’re judging your brand. Your vehicles can garner tens of thousands of impressions per day, or even more. Having chipped, cracked, or unsightly glass can detract from your company’s brand image, especially since there is often branded paint on the glass itself. 

With how much money companies spend on their marketing, it’s essential to ensure that all of the glass across your fleet is in top condition.


At Adam’s Glass AZ, we’re the fleet glass repair and replacement experts. We offer you practical and affordable solutions that are reliable, so every vehicle in your fleet can get back on the road as soon as possible. We’ve been in business for over 10 years, service the entire state of Arizona – even remotely at your job site where your fleet is parked, and offer a craftsmanship and service guarantee. We carry many major providers of quality glass, with in-stock resources and offer custom cuts for tricky jobs.

Reach out to us today to get a free estimate on glass repair, replacement and maintenance on a single vehicle or an entire fleet. We offer after-hours and same-day appointments when you need it right now.

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