Practical and Affordable Solutions for Installing Home Glass

DIY home projects can be a lot of fun and save you money if you’re willing to sacrifice time on nights and weekends. Installing glass is a lot less fun because it takes a very specific skill set and delicate tools, resulting in dangerous and expensive shattered glass if anything goes wrong.

Unfortunately for DIY projects, something almost always goes wrong. With most other mediums like wood, metal, and stone, there is some flexibility and margin for error. With glass, it either goes in right the first time, or you end up buying more glass.

In almost every scenario, you save money by hiring a glass installation expert. The work also turns out more functional and beautiful in the care of expert hands. Here are some practical and affordable solutions for installing home glass.

Get a Quote

Make sure you get a quote for materials and labor. Any reputable company should offer you a free quote so they can stay competitive with competing companies. Your glass should last for decades, barring any accidents, so make sure you pick the glass that you love, then see how much it costs for labor.

If one quote is drastically different from another, it’s okay to ask them why. They may offer something that another company does not.

Choose the Best Value

Getting quotes is a start for choosing the right company to install your home glass. But don’t just choose the company with the lowest price. Check their website and online reviews to see how long they’ve been in business and what other customers think.

A brand new company offering you a warranty or craftsmanship guarantee can only honor that document if they’re still around in a few years when you need them.

The best value will include a good reputation, a fair price, and quality materials.

Check Availability

You also want to ensure the company you choose has the bandwidth to come service your home. Check when their next available appointments are, and if they have the materials in stock. Again, you don’t necessarily want to pick a company just because they’re available today or tomorrow – that could mean they don’t get a lot of business, or it could mean they finish their appointments on time and are good at scheduling.


At Adam’s Glass AZ, we try to be the best value for your money when it comes to home glass installation. We offer you practical and affordable solutions that are a great alternative to DIY projects. We’ve been in business for over 10 years, service the entire state of Arizona, and offer a craftsmanship and service guarantee. We carry many major providers of quality glass, with in-stock resources and offer custom cuts for tricky jobs.

Reach out to us today to get a free estimate on parts and labor for your next home glass installation. We want to make sure your next project turns out functional and beautiful.

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